Out of the Notebook and into the blog: UFO Sighting by Brother?

Monday, November 8, 2010

UFO Sighting by Brother?

Around 11:00 PM Brother comes running into my room:
There is a group of about 10 stars that keep moving around and then bouncing back into place!

Me - thinking that its just some neat star event:
Ok, lets look it up...

I pull it up in Google, and there is hardly anything describing what he saw, and I mean nothing! Sure, a few things describing bright single stars moving, but nothing quite like this.... the stuff that I did find similar to it claimed it was UFO's....AKA Unidentified Foreign Objects....aliens?

I look it up on youtube - the same results, there were videos of single stars moving, but not much information other than UFO!

I'm a skeptic on aliens as is my brother, so if anyone has any information or speculation on what this could be, please leave a comment! Do you believe in aliens? Have you seen a sighting?

To make this conversation real interesting....I'm going to throw in a prize. The person with the most interesting or informative comment will win a copy of "The Clearing" Its a wonderful book, very unique and the writing is great.


  1. Hmmm....well that is weird. Since they kept bouncing back into place I wouldn't think alien type ufo. I would expect those to move quickly and then disappear.

    I guess I would think more along the lines of satellites being manuevered into position. Maybe somebody hacked into NASA and started moving the satellites about and NASA would bounce them back into place.

    However, a scientist I am not so that may be considered a really, really lame excuse. Guess my future as a fiction writer is down the drain :(

    I'm definately interested in what others think.


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  3. thats very cool i would have been scared lol :))) i love u!!!


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