Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Shout out to my Chilly Friends and on Nostalgia

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shout out to my Chilly Friends and on Nostalgia


My goodness California - ahhhhh - it's such a change from COLD Minnesota!

I've been to Florida, I've been to Texas, and now, California. Minnesota isn't calling me back, at least until summer hits. Nothing could stop me from coming home during the Summer. I love Minnesota summers as much as I love Californian Winters. Swimming in lakes everyday with my bestest friends during the summer, surfing the ocean in the winter. Riding {horse} here in the Winter, riding there in the summer. Best of two worlds.


It really is the memories we bring with us. The memories are what keep us coming back. Memories are also what keeps us moving forward. Remembering the best of times, wanting to create more for the future. They saturate and mend the feeling of loss when you leave something, in place you'll find yourself smiling with the thought of the good times, and thinking ahead to the future when you can recreate them - the best of times.


Nostalgia has always been a feeling that I loved. Nostalgia hits when you come across something - a song, a smell, a love letter, a landscape - that brings to surface, as quick as a pin drops, a memory that brought you happiness. It's this feeling that transports you back in time and at the same time, makes you look forward to the future, when you'll be there again.

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