Out of the Notebook and into the blog: "A Wounded Deer Leaps the Highest"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"A Wounded Deer Leaps the Highest"

Don't you love her socks and flats? Fffound

So, here we are. Yucca Valley California. The town looks like a really oooollld Cowboy town, somewhat run down, but kept nice and clean at the same time. There are a few lovely antique and vintage shops that I've stopped at and barely was able to drag myself away from this stunning 50's dress. Flouncy, cream colored, classy, and with a red bow in the back. Perfection. I would have snatched it up in a second if it was a bit lower priced than $70. Sigh. I won't forget that dress though.

This campground that were staying at, is...interesting to say the least. There are 14 camp sites, and the water is cloudy, not the least bit clear. The wifi that they promised is truly hopeless.


A wounded deer leaps the highest.
~Emily Dickinson

However, I wanted to quick let you know about this great book I'm reading. "The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson." I've reached part two and have been sucked in from the first couple of pages. Unlike other historical books retold, this one really is interesting and you feel like Miss Emily is the one telling her story. I've found it's a perfect read to learn more about Emily Dickinson in an easy way! I also think this would be a great read to incorporate into a homeschooling program for history and literature.

Have you read this book? What where your thoughts?

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