Out of the Notebook and into the blog: You can make $1000 a month being a dog walker (not kidding!)

Friday, January 7, 2011

You can make $1000 a month being a dog walker (not kidding!)

I was reading an article over at Covet Chic and then was pointed over to an article she suggested, "In defense of $500 shoes" about taking a different perspective on judging other people on the way they spend money. Everyone does it - I do - you do - your neighbor does - my neighbor does, it is the way we were built, a way of protecting our own egos. Anyways, it's quite an interesting article and I suggest you to check it out!

However, I didn't decide to write this blog post on the article itself, but a particular comment that I read about the article. In the article, it mentions how anybody can make an extra $1000 dollars a month if they do it in the correct way, even if it's dog walking. Well, this is what one of the comments said about that.....

"Let me know the neighborhood you're working where you can make an extra $1000 dogwalking. I'll be totally down."

My first reaction was "she's right! Haha!" and then, after I thought about it for a few minutes I started to see how you really could make $1000 off your dog walking hobby, or any hobby for that matter.

1) You start dog walking five dogs a week for $15 an hour - that's already $300 a month.

2) Now, you want to do more and make more money with this hobby and so you start a dog walking blog, full of tips and articles on dog walking. Soon your ranked in Google and have dog companies wanting to advertise on your blog. This is also a great chance to optimize your blog with Google Adsense.

3) Your blog starts gaining popularity, and you decide to start a little shop to go along with it. You buy your own domain name and hire a designer and stock your shop with the highest quality leashes, unique dog collars, and even pooper scoopers, all aimed at the dog walkers that love your blog!

For any type of hobby that you have, whether it be dog walking, ballet, or knitting scarves, you can always find ways to make money from it indirectly, you just have to find the optimism in you and the drive to get started!


  1. I'm sending a link to this post to a friend of mine who owns a dog walking business! Love the idea about the online dog shop!

  2. Love your take on the article! Glad you liked it.

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