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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photoshoot Background Inspiration ~ FACSY Retreat

I am helping coordinate a huge Family Consumer Science retreat in our tri-county's 4H program. There are going to be a handful of wonderful classes on great topics held by our Ambassadors to help teach our Youth new skills and grow the ones that they already have - while inspiring them to create!

The problem in our county is the lack of participation in youth, as it's a newer event and not very well known yet. It's hard to get the word out, and when it is, people tend to forget about it quickly. If we want FACSY to work, we need a lot of kids to sign up (at least 50+). Do you have any ideas on getting the word out and making it stick?

Any who, I've been working hard to prepare the Fashion Revue course, however, I'm also bursting at my seems with ideas for the Photography session!

1) To start the session of, I would teach about the basics - correct exposure, focusing, shutter speeds, aperture, etc.

2) For the next part, we would get much more hands on and we would play with the already set up backgrounds. I would love to recreate the ones above to use!

3) Taking pictures of classmates would help them learn how to set up a backdrop, implement the technical skills they learned, styling, posing models, as well as how to work the camera themselves!

Writing out my ideas for the Photography class that I would love to teach, is giving me a crazy amount of inspiration for the Fashion Revue class that I am thrilled to be teaching! Booklets on styling, fashion for different shapes, different activities we could do, and so much more is floating around in my head right now!

Do you have any ideas on the classes, or on how to get a larger response?

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful program, although I am definitely no expert at photography I will tell you this: use the newspaper, talk to the local schools for the ages you are going to be working with & ask about sending home fliers, or some schools have morning shows (ask them to put a piece about the class in the announcements).

    HOpe this helps!

    I am following from Double Duty Diva's!


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