Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Windy, Rainy, and Riding on top of a Tow Truck.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Windy, Rainy, and Riding on top of a Tow Truck.

Dear sleepy fox 12x8 matte print

Have you ever realized you were in such a crazy, wild, quite original situation that you have two options in? Cry. Or laugh your head off from the belly up.

When you go on a trip in a camper for a couple of months with your family, situations like this tend to happen quite frequently.

Take the other day for an example.

We were staying way up in the mountains, and decided to head into town to use some wifi and get our mail. Driving up the mountains is a beautiful drive and car sickness inducing. Worth it though. Unless you don't have a full tank of gas. Up the hills we trekked, and then, one mile from the town we were headed to....

......Our diesel truck quit.

No matter that we had gas in the tank. The mountains were swishing it around into a place where it wouldn't reach the fuel lines! So here we were, stuck, in the mountains, no gas.

Thanks to triple A, they came and saved us in a matter of minutes (love those guys!). Now, second problem of the day - California is not big on diesel. The triple A guy's diesel was 6 years old and disgusting - not gas tank healthy. So, he loaded us on onto his tow truck - with us inside! And we were off! Elevated into the air, swerving around the mountains, looking down to see over a thousand foot drop.

The best roller coaster ride of my life.

What will happen next?

Also - I need your help! We are off to San Francisco, any places we should visit before leaving?

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