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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vintage Swimsuit

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I always have found vintage swimsuits darling and such a fashion icon! Don't you think? With there sweet cuts and simple colors, they have a sophisticated feeling to them, do they not? I came across a great blue vintage swim suit at an antique store today! It was in perfect condition, and I could imagine wearing it strolling on the beach with the waves crashing at my feet, rocks and sea glass tumbling harshly against them, making them soft as baby bottoms!

Are you feeling Springy yet? I can hardly wait for Spring and Summer to hit, though we are in California right now, there's a certain novelty about spending the summer in Minnesota, swimming in our dirt lake with friends, sometimes while the stars are shining bright overhead, spending hours biking, and of course, strolling the county fairgrounds over and over again.

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  1. Oh yes, I love these swimsuits. You must check out Dutch company ‘Mama Maria’ - you will LOVE them! And they sell on-line too..! x

    It's still Summer here in Sydney and my bikinis are wearing out after endless time on the beach and in the water. A brilliant excuse to pick up a few new ones in the Summer sales and pack they away for next year.. :)
    There's always a good reason to shop isn't there..?

    Have a fabulous Valentine's tomorrow (if you celebrate).

    x Charlotta

    P.S. I am your latest follower and I am putting you on my blog roll. x

  2. Ha, ha! These vintage swim wears are really awesome! I love it! They're all sexy! If you'll wear one of these vintage swimsuits, I'm sure you're so damn gorgeous! Welpz, it's normal for women to always bring sexy swim wears.


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