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Monday, March 28, 2011

Color! FACSY Planning 2011

You might remember about a month ago, I wrote a post on my indecisive-ness upon whether I should host the FACSY Retreat Photography class or the Fashion Revue. Well, I'm sticking with Fashion Revue but I'm still wishing I could teach Photography, SO bad! Maybe I'll just have to weezle my way into helping plan it.....

Anyways! The theme of FACSY is going to be COLOR! How perfect for a bunch of kids in 4th-7th grade! Right? I've been finding inspiration everywhere, and wanted to share some of the amazing with you!

Which of these ideas do you think I should definitely keep, and which ones do you think I should pass on?

Also! The budgeting is TIGHT for FACSY. It is an overnight event and we are feeding the kids supper as well as breakfast, plus the kids take home a project from the class that they choose (3 classes on one subject) and we also have to pay the $300 fee for building rental and all of the "extra" stuff. How much do you think an acceptable registration fee for FACSY would be?


Wouldn't these little pies be adorable for the afternoon snacks? And the cake....oh the cake!

Decorations are a must.

And a fun photobooth!

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  1. Awesome ideas, love the cake....color is a great theme!

  2. Love the rainbow doile
    going to try it tom.


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