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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Embrace Fear

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Browsing through different blogs, I came across a quote and it stuck with me for awhile.

"Become so wrapped up in something, forget to be afraid."
-Lady Bird Johnson

This quote, I just can't find myself agreeing with it. I believe that being afraid of something, means that it has the true potential to be amazing.

Really, think of it - are you going to be afraid to wake up and brush your teeth in the morning.


You say no? Well, how about your are in this scenario.

You have drafted and written and rewritten an email asking a big - shot blogger that you love to work with you on a project. Your mouse hovers over that send button. You click it.

I bet you have that "oh my goodness, I'm going to faint" feeling welling up in side of you.

Will she love my hard planned idea? Will she even email me back?

It's a butterfly moment indeed.

I felt that way last night, after sending off my pitch to two wonderful children authors. It's an amazing feeling. Why?

Because you know that what your doing means something to you and you will work through sweat and tears to make it happen.

When we are scared about something, we need to put our entire selves into making it happen, because when we do, well,

That's when something amazing happens.

This video really inspired me on this topic...Marie Forleo's is so inspiring!

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