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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Girls and Hugs and Kisses

Jaime Lackey Photography

This is one of my favorite pictures of a little girl and her mom, or cousin, or sister. Isn't it beautiful?

Tomorrow my family and I are packing up to head up to Wisconsin to spend Easter with my Mom's side of our family, and all of my little muchnkin cousins! Taylen (4), Tannen (10), Mckenna (8) and Mckaya (2). Quick, say there names 5 times fast! I love spending time with them, laughing and experimenting crazy things... ;)

Running through the fields and building fairy huts for Polly pockets and cuddling up with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie at night, how can I can look forward to seeing them?!

Tomorrow is packing day...one thing that I've always wanted to do was use a vintage suitcase rather than a regular bag. So much more fun, don't you think!? However, the two that I have...umm, by accident I locked them and they didn't come with keys. I really have to get them open somehow though, as I do have plans for them!

Having such adorable cousins as I do, I can't help but LOVE looking at little girl and boy clothes, imaging I could stuff their wardrobes with older cousin gifts of super adorable clothes! First stop? Tea. Darling little girl clothes, little boy clothes, and boy oh boy, their baby clothing is to die for!

1: Modcloth 2: Ish and Chi 3: Marina Dress from Tea

That nautical Marina dress (far right image) from Tea is so stylish! Baby keeping tabs on the nautical style indeed!

1: Asos 2: Tea Ruffle Sleeve Top

And this ruffle sleeve top? Darling.

There are so many options for adorable kids clothes, it’s so hard to choose! When I look at Teas clothes, I just think they look so soft and cozy, and wish that more of my clothes looked that comfy!

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  1. Love this post! And I absolutely adore children's clothes as well. I always wish that there are bigger versions.XX

  2. Very sweet. Love that little Mariner dress. Happy Easter! xo

  3. A vintage suitcase to pack for a weekend away sounds perfect. Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family!

  4. That is indeed a lovely photograph. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead!

  5. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.. have a good day :)


  6. Your blog features a lot of nice photos. Very nice soft filtered light. Enjoy your Easter trip and travel safely. W.C.C.

  7. I love that mum and daughter photo too!!:)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Belly B

  8. My goodness, that is the prettiest and most unique mother-daughter photo I've ever seen. I'm a photographer on the side, and this is soo inspiring to me.

    I'm loving your blog. It's so positive and cheerful!


  9. I love the sailor dress! Very sweet, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with your cousins.


  10. I love the pink top and the navy skirt. They're adorable and that top is so springtime-y.
    Enjoy Wisconsin! My dad's up there right now (that's where we're from) visiting his family and supposedly it's a little bit chilly.

  11. I love the second striped top look, so very cute!

    hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Hope you have a lovely easter in Wisconsin! And ohh my.. that dress, is so cute! x

  13. I'm crazy over the nautical tidbits this time of year as well, I loved the boots and dress combo! Inspired!!

  14. All those little girls, fun!
    It's a beautiful photo.

  15. the Marina dress from Tea is super adorable! it has such a nautical vibe. hope you had fun with your cousins!

  16. thanks for visiting my blog! i can't wait to read more of yours! =)

    i love these outfits you've posted!

  17. Such descriptive writing:
    "Running through the fields and building fairy huts for Polly pockets and cuddling up with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie at night, how can I can look forward to seeing them?!" I so agree. Spent Easter with my nearly 3 year old granddaughter, trying to fly kites and catch insects in her net. Ah the simple things in life! Hope you had a most excellent Easter in WI with family.
    Please stop by if you have a spare moment and take a look.

  18. awwww that first photo is beautiful. and i love these looks too! great ruffles. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

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