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Friday, December 2, 2011

I have a Situation....

Image Hancock Fabrics

I've been working on my Christmas shopping.....but here's the thing.

My best guy friend has three favorite things....Skittles....Coca Cola.....and McDonalds. So, I thought, well, how about I make him a McDonalds fleece tie blanket? I put in a quick Google search and found this fabric that you see above at Hancock Fabrics. However, it's discontinued and I'm having a hard time finding at anywhere for a reasonable price.

It's just....perfection. It fits him, it's got that hispter-ish edge to it that is SO him.

So, if you happen to have any of this lovely fabric that you wouldn't mind selling to me, or know someone that does, or maybe you wouldn't mind sending out a tweet or Repinning it, I would be SO SO SO grateful! I am looking for around 3 yards!

Love ya bunches!


  1. I honestly think you should stitch together a bunch of Big Mac wrappers! Best BLANKIE EVER!! W.C.C.


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