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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ipod Cracks Under Warrenty

Apple iPod touch (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

So, I bought my Ipod Touch 4Th Generation about a month and a half ago, and a couple weeks ago, I was sitting in the local coffee shop, looked down at it, and saw what looked like a little piece of hair going from the middle of the top to about a quarter of the way down on the right side. I swiped my finger across it to shoe it away, but guess what?! It wasn't a piece of hair. It was a crack.

Ouch. That's an expensive thing to get a crack in..and not too cheap to repair it.

And then I found a loophole....Ipod Touch 4Th Generation are covered under warranty for the first year. So I called up the Apple store and they told me "9 out of 10 times the crack is not covered under warranty because it's not a manufacturer defect." Well...

...I took my Ipod into the Apple store on Monday, he looked at the crack and said because it wasn't a spider crack, it was covered under warranty! So that was my excitement for the day! So, if your Ipod gets a crack in it, and it is not a spider crack, be sure to remember that!

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