Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Finding Light and Passion (Using Refrigerator Light): Dainty Ballerina

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finding Light and Passion (Using Refrigerator Light): Dainty Ballerina

Hi Pretties!

So -here's the thing...umm...welll.... I'm super obsessed. Obsessed with Ballerinas, ballet, and of course - photography.  

But guess what I'm even more obsessed with?  A little mathematical equation that goes like this:

Ballet + Photography + Open Freezer Door + Self Timer = These Photos

Important Life Lesson #1:  Refrigerators aren't just for eating purposes!!!  Who knew?!

I shot these two portraits last night by turning off all the lights in the downstairs portion of our house and opening the freezer door.

At first I tried the refrigerator door - but it just wasn't right.  The glow of the freezer cast a much better appearance.

I set my tripod up to be at a slight angle facing the refrigerator, I then focused it on the cracks in the tile and quick ran out and posed.  My aperture was at a 2.0 and my ISO was at 650 - which is higher than I typically like, but I think the slightly grainy appearance worked well for these portraits.  

I love the slightly imperfect feeling that they have - very representing of my imperfect ballet skills (I joined Metropolitan Ballet Academy last September - now I'm starting to dance at Tuscon Ballet Academy!).  

P.S. - this quote by Mitch Hedberg definitely relates to the ironic refrigerator theme of this post (right?!) - "Rice is great if your really really hungry and want to eat 2,000 of something."  hehe

P.S.S.  or is it P.P.S?  Anyways - Have you ever tried using unconventional lighting in a photo?  Did it work out?  Let me know - I'd love to try your tips!

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