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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Joules Ribbon Wellies - Is It Springtime Yet?

A CUP OF JO: Hunter boots
A Cup of Jo

Im sitting here in Arizona right now blogging, the sky's are clear blue and the trees are a pretty shade of green (as green as trees in the desert can get) - my window will be open in a few hours letting the warm air flood into my room.

In Minnesota, where I live most of the year, it was Negative -40 degrees yesterday.  NEGATIVE 40 degrees.  

If you don't love cold weather - there's definitely more than that.  Avoid the things you hate - do the things you love.

Even so - I'm going back to Minnesota on March 18th, which hopefully will mean SLUSH not snow.  

And I'm in LOVE  with these Posh Joules Wellies, the red pair with red bows, gorgeous! I haven't been able to find the other colors, but the Joules website does have the Navy Pair with the red bow and I'm swooning over them.  

I also have this pair of rubber boots from Banana Republic which I get major use out of every springtime.

Banana Republic Trystan Rain Boot

They are lined inside and look so fancy to wear with little skirts and jeans with cute socks peaking up!

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