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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Challenging Books and Films :: Adore and Lolita ::

::Avoid Letting your Mind go Stagnant::

When we aren't stretching and challenging our minds, they grow stagnant and aren't able to be as inspired or successful as easily.

When we open our choices to include something that challenges us, we give ourselves the power to think about things in new ways and to view things outside of the box. 

When you think about things in new ways, you are able to curve the trends and stand out in a crowd. 

Apply the knowledge that you acquire working on things that aren't part of your main plan - to your main plan - and you will be able to come up with more ideas and have more creativity that fuels you to move farther than you would be able to otherwise.  

::Challenging Pieces to Think About::

I love this film, Adore, which was released in 2012.

Adore makes you question everything you thought was right or wrong about love.   

It is about two mothers who are best friends, living on an island with their two sons who are probably around the age of 19 or 20.  

The sons fall in love with each others mothers and the mothers likewise fall in love with each others sons. They are all extremely happy and feel so loved.  

Whereas a love like this would usually be frowned upon, when we are given the first hand look at the love that is portrayed between these people, it makes you question whether or not their are exceptions to the standards society has placed on relationships.  

Challenge yourself by asking - does love conquer all?  Is it right for the 

"moms" to date each other's young sons?  Is it fair to anyone or is it fair to 


The next on my list is "Lolita"  Which is a classic book about a man (a pervert) who falls in love with a 12 year old girl.

he then marries the girls mother and the mother ends up dying in a tragic car accident - when the man goes to pick up his stepdaughter - Lolita, she makes sexual advances on him which results in a love affair that honestly makes one question the line between love and obsession, and whether or not a 12 year old has the capacity to realize what is happening.  

I was definitely influenced by this review on Yes and Yes Blog  to read "Lolita."  It looks like quite the challenging book in terms of right or wrong.  

P.S. Have you watched Adore or read Lolita?  How did they challenge you?

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