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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pretty Clothes without the Cost + Defeating the Purchasing Pressure of Pretty Pictures


How frustrating it is when your flipping through fashion magazines such as Vogue, finding gorgeous dresses, shorts, swimsuits that you adore, only to glance down at were to buy them and see that the hat you fell in love with is $700. You know that feeling?  Happens to me on...pretty much a daily basis (pinterest problems!)

While some people might be able to afford vogue fashions (Maybe...Taylor Swift?  Keira Knightley?), most of us shy away from these prices. However, here are some tips on getting the bang for your buck while still looking Vogue ready.

1) Look through your favorite fashion magazines and blogs (Sarah Klassen's blog is amazing) and upon coming to a look that you love, take a moment and stare at it......


Are you staring?

2) Ask yourself, what do you like about it?  Is it right for your body type?

Photography is made to make an article look beautiful.

Texture is actually added to the photo - flowers, interesting walls, and other elements.

All these things - these textures - tend to add dimension to our eyes and actually tricks our brains into believing something is prettier or better looking that we otherwise might believe.

Of course, you also have to remember that the models in the photos are also chosen because their body types will look good in the dress, pants, or blouse.  They are perfect.  Photoshop makes everybody perfect!

BUT GUESS WHAT!  You are perfect inside out and out just the way you are!  Just saying.

Now as you have answered those questions, do you still want it? If yes, that's great!

3) If you still love the outfit, and wish you were wearing it at the moment, well...

take another look.

Look at the lines, the design. Many times, the designs are actually quite simple and basic, made to look fabulous by the uber slim models and the gorgeous photos.

However, there's a good thing about this.

It's easy to find very similar pieces at much cheaper stores, such as:

Urban Outfitters

While the quality might not be as great as the $700 piece and it might not be "exactly" the same, you will be coming out way ahead when you pair it with the right pieces to get the spreads look.


4) Take inspiration from the spread. Maybe you have a skirt that is very similar as the pleated golden one above, but you can never seem to find anything that looks right with it - or you pair the wrong things with it and you feel like your personal style is being thwarted.

Do you love the outfit above with the three quarter length sweater paired with the skirt? Since you already have the skirt, it's easy to find a similar sweater for cheap, even if it's not 3 quarter length! You can use this trick for any outfit!

5) The last idea is one of my favorites. Sew it! If you know how to sew, it is so easy to re create many expensive pieces that you love. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right fabric, but now with Spoonflower you can design your own (I literally recommend SpoonFlower SO MUCH) which really helps give you more options. Don't know how to sew? Now would be the perfect time to start!

Will you be using any of these ideas? Or have any to throw in? I'd love to hear them!

Images: Julianne Moore for Talbots

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