Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Challenging Yourself to Opening Your Eyes - Because It's always Prettier at the Beach

Monday, January 27, 2014

Challenging Yourself to Opening Your Eyes - Because It's always Prettier at the Beach

I always love coming across images photographed in a location that I recognize from my travels.  This set of photo's by Ann He, who creates such stunning work, looks exactly to me like the beaches of Northern California by San Francisco.

I wonder if there's any better way to see a place that you are already familiar to in a new way by seeing it through someone else's eyes?

Remember the feeling of living somewhere new, or traveling to a new and beautiful place?  For the first few weeks it is lovely and fresh and unique. 

Everything you see is in a different shade that you haven't seen before.

The People are new - they wear different clothes, talk in a different way, and speak of different things.

Then however, something happens.  We become neutral to what used to be so beautiful and exciting.  

The beautiful becomes normal. 
the exciting becomes average.

You have the power to reverse this.  Open your pretty little eyes and begin to see the world around you with a fresh outlook.

Snap photos and edit them using different lighting and exposures - force yourself into seeing things in a new way.

Go on long walks and observe what's happening before your eyes rather than thinking deeply about your everyday tasks.  Bring a small journal and write down what you see.

Make your life less boring, and more exciting by taking advantage of what's laid out before you eyes.  

Please, for yourself, Imagine you are a traveler visiting your own world.  

What would you be seeing that you aren't seeing now?  Be inspired by that and your life will be more interesting and you will have richer conversations, richer stories, and a richer life.

Photo Credit:  Ann He create's such stunning work, I'm always so inspired by her!

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