Out of the Notebook and into the blog: 7 Inspiration Iphone Cases that will make even the Hipsters stop and Look

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

7 Inspiration Iphone Cases that will make even the Hipsters stop and Look

Confession:  My first Ipod shattered after about a year of owning it.  

I was working at the Minnesota State Fair in the 4H building as a Minnesota State 4H Ambassador (say yes to fancy titles) and was carrying a bunch of the other Ambassadors dirty laundry (hehe) to the laundry room across the hallway.  

I was wearing a dress that had no pocket and my hands were occupied by the box.  You can imagine where this is going...

...badumpadump...bam my Ipod fell out of the cardboard box and landed face down on the hard concrete floor.  

I had to take a few moments to kneel down next to it and whimper before picking it up.  It was worse than I expected - completely shattered!

We will save the story of my MacBook shattering for another day.

All I can say is - Protect those precious little electronics with cases!  

And they might as well be pretty as well as functional ;)  

It's hard to read on this tiny picture but it has one of my favorite quotes "The cure for everything is salt water, salt water tears or the Sea"  

This Iphone case is seriously perfect if you have a friend that complains about how she isn't pretty a-lot.  Next time she's complaining, look down at your phone non-chalently and then look back up at her all surprised like and show it to her - "Omg.  You gorgeous - even my phone thinks so!"  **Giggles erupt, awkward situation averted - 2 points for you!**

Who/what do you love for infinity?  Reflect with this pretty Infinity Iphone case! (Amazon $4.90)

It's so good to be reminded to Hustle because we get so much more done when we do!  It's even better to be reminded by a sweet iphone case every-time you check your tweets for the 500th time that day!  Hustle hustle pretty girl!

Because you do everything Like A Boss and you know it!  (Urban Outfitters - $16)

Seriously - we all need inspiration to remember to check up on our fishy's, to feed our fishy's, and if you don't have a fishy - to get a fishy.  Everyone needs a fishy because they are always there when you are lonely.  I bet you can't honestly tell me you've never wanted a fishy!  And everyone needs an iphone case to show this need for a fishy.  (Delias $14.90)

Honestly though learn to say No when you want to say No.  (Society 6 $35)

Do you have any tragic shattering (quite literally) stories of your beloved Apple products (or any other touchscreen products for the matter) dropping to their death?  I'd love to hear - it will make me feel better about myself!

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