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Friday, February 7, 2014

Pretty Tumblr Girls and Boys Meet Death - Why not to Skip School

So I was just going about my day, and clicked onto this little Australian Commercial.

Oh. My. Goodness.  WHO comes up with this?!  It is so messed up and just...very...pretty meets horror.  

I sent two messages within seconds of watching this...

They very exuberantly went something like:
"If your on your phone right now, get on the computer right now and watch this!  OMG."

Just for your own safety, you probably should set your coffee cup down while watching this.

When I was a kid my dad would always tell me "if you don't want to end up living in a box, you have do your homework."  This takes it to a whole new level!  I guess I wouldn't be saying "suuree whatever dad" to this one anyways, so maybe their on to something!

This commercial makes me scared for the ballerina in the last picture of this post.  *Don't go to the beach, you will die!*

At least the music is pretty!

Also - Learn For Life isn't a real nonprofit apparently - here's their one page website if you want to take a look!

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Tell me - do you think Teen's should be warned against going to school? Or do you think that school is generally a waste of time?

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