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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The #1 Way to Make your Doggy Fall in Love with YOU

I get concerned about our doggy from time to time.  

Buddy is literally the cutest golden retriever that you ever will meet, he has the happiest attitude and is the most loving dog in the world.  On top of that, he is obedient (we placed state dog obedience competition with a second place ribbon) and can do agility with a grace that makes the other dogs at the park jealous.

And he has a real smile.  You can tell when he's happy by his lips.  True story!

I get worried about him though - he's 8, and golden retrievers don't have the longest lifespan (they have hip problems and seizures!).  I always have to wrinkle my nose at the store bought dog treats and wonder how good they can be for our dogs.  

Processed foods, artificial colors, and odd flavorings.  YUCK.  

So I went on a search and found the most amazing dog treat recipe on Pretty Fluffy - my new favoritest doggy blog - seriously - it's adorable.

The recipe only has a few ingredients:  

2 Organic Eggs
1 1/2 Cups Almond Flour
1 TBSP Coconut Oil
3 -4 TBSP of Coconut Flour
1/2 Cup Dried Cranberries

I made it even shorter by using regular flour rather than the almond and coconut flour.  I also used blueberries in the dog treats rather than the dried cranberries.  

Blueberries actually protect doggies against "free radicals" which damages their cells, because of the antioxidants in the blueberries.  

In more human terms - blueberries are great for dogs to eat because they prevent cancer, and heart disease!

Cranberries are also great for your doggy if she has kidney problems!

This is an extremely easy recipe to follow and the results are impressive.  No nasty - odd fake meaty smelling treats that are greasy for Buddy anymore!

And Buddy LOVES the treats!  I did a test and dropped one of the store bought treats on the ground and one of the homemade treats on the ground, and he snarfed up the homemade treat within seconds of it dropping.

Have you tried any homemade dog treat recipes?

All photos credit to Pretty Fluffy 


  1. we have an organic homemade doggie treat place here where I live. She had the same thought as you about her dog so she started making her own. Then she decided she wanted to make them for everyone, so now she has her own little dog bakery. She has all sorts of treats and stuff and they are all organic. she also sells organic dog food brands that you actually can read the ingredients in them. I just wish my dog wasn't so picky. I try to buy them for him but he hates them, won't touch them. He is so spoiled because he can't have normal dog food due to the grain in it, so I have to make him human food just for him. now that he gets that, he doesn't want anything that resembles a dog treat. ah!!

    1. That is so cute! I wonder how business is for her? I don't blame your dog for wanting a straight human diet - some of that doggy stuff get's pretty nasty!

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