Out of the Notebook and into the blog: 25 Birthday Wishes for Me and You

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

25 Birthday Wishes for Me and You

Today was my 19th birthday.  My birthdays are always kinda emotional.    I get super excited for my birthday, all worked up, and then I never want it to end - and then it does.  It's silly really. And them I'm sad.  Think Jess from New Girl style:

My dear friend told me at his graduation party last year that he doesn't look at another year gone by, but looks forward to every day of the next year to come with the mindset that every year will be better than the previous - and he goes forth to make it that way because he can.  Having that mindset can change everything.

On that note, here are My Wishes For you and Me:

1.  To keep my GPA above a 3.8 because ya know...transfer scholarships!

2.  For more swimming in the pool, in the lake, in the ocean.

3.  To finally sew that swimsuit I've been wanting to sew!

4.  For women to be paid the same as men for doing the same work.

5.  To wear a pretty ballerina tutu

6.  To remember that LORDE is only 17 and she writes deep stuff like this, when I'm feeling un-inspired or down.  

7.  For you and me to have enough self confidence to Say No.  

8.  For you and me to have enough courage to Say Yes.  

9.  To become more decisive!

10.  To remember that there are bloggers like Alexandra Franzen to inspire posts like these.

11.  To be inspired by the fact that I can be sitting in a restaurant or shopping in a little shop and hear a song being played a favorite artist that only a few years ago no one knew about. (Kate Herzig in particular)

12.  That Monsters and Men comes out with another epic album.

13.  To feel loved.

14.  To listen to more Grammer Girl - because it makes sense to sound smart.

15.  To DO something with all the inspiration that surrounds us!

16.  To give more than receive.

17.  To reach my goal of making girls feel gorgeous and like princesses for my Boutique Senior Portrait business.

18.  I wish that sometimes I will remember to eat dessert before dinner!  And for breakfast too!

19.  To dedicate enough time towards my classes to really fall in love with what I'm learning - because falling in love with something = retaining and growth.

20.  To watch more commercials - because commercials are full of inspiration!

21.  To not worry about long wait lists at restaurants - because it's not really not about the food, it's about the person your spending time with - and the longer the wait list - the longer amount of time you get to spend with each other.  Wait lists are really just blessings in disguise!

22.  Listen to more Lorde and Birdy.  They are so talented.  Refer back to #6

23.  Spend more time doing nothing but observing the beauty of the world surrounding you.  The colors, the sounds, the sights, take the time to appreciate where you are in the moment.

24.  To write more frequently in my journal

25.  To create a Senior photography program that makes girls realize how beautiful they truly are.

What are your birthday wishes?

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  1. Curious....since you're my daughter I can ask this and you won't be offended....is #9 the reason you didn't get past #23?


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