Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Adult Ballet - On Pointe at Metropolitan Ballet Academy MN

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Adult Ballet - On Pointe at Metropolitan Ballet Academy MN

Sitting on the floor of the studio, no matter our ages we all become little girls again, watching in awe as the beautiful prima ballerina Sarah or Milo dances across the floor in her pink satin pointe shoes, effortlessly, as if she was a feather in a wind.

In this moment I hoped she'd never stop.

One of my best decisions was to join Metropolitan Ballet Academy last Autumn…I had dreamt about learning the challenging role of a ballerina since I was little, and decided that it was time.  

Dedication ripples through the studio, minds working to memorize intricate patterns, sweat dripping of girls foreheads, passion showing every time you push through a shaking foot, trying to maintain a pointed foot.  Easy isn't the word that anyone could use to describe the dance of a ballerina. 

The excitement of purchasing my first pair of pointe shoes is definitely similar to one of a child's!  After working towards this for months, I took my first class on pointe Wednesday night, and all I can say is pointe is so tough to maintain and learn! Albeit, worth it till the end.  

Have you thought about trying Adult ballet? 

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  1. I attended ballet when I was 14 until I was in my 20's together with rehearsing in my local Amateur Operatic Society, as life took over I stopped ballet lessons and singing but I missed it terribly.
    Recently I started to think about attending adult ballet lessons and returning to amateur productions, I finally bucked up the courage and attended my first rehearsal for Oliver the musical and whilst I was there I met a choreographer of the local ballet school, unbelievably she taught adult ballet just before rehearsals on the same night and invited me along. I start on Tuesday and I am sooooo excited about it. I no longer have the size 8 figure anymore as I am now a size 12 but I do keep myself fit dancing around the house, and I am no longer the young girl but a woman of 54 with a mind of the ballet dancer that excitedly attended ballet every week, I am so glad she has returned.

    Happy dancing!


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