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Monday, June 8, 2015

NO List: Makeup Remover Wipes

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I've always been devoted to my skin.  When I was 13 I first became interested in avoiding future wrinkles at all costs, and have tried to be careful with my skin since.  

Every night, there are three things that cause the most annoying little nagging voice in my head.  Not brushing my teeth, not washing my face, and needing a drink of water.  It feels literally impossible to go to sleep without doing these tasks, and I must not be the only one who has relied on a stack of easy to grab makeup remover wipes to put that voice to sleep.  

I've purchased 4 difference packages of different brands ranging from Burts Bee's, Nutregena, Target Brand, Yes2, and they worked great to remove makeup, I was soaking up the easssseee of "washing" my face right after ballet and without leaving my comfy bed at night. After a few usages that magic wore off and my face would burn and turn bright red immediately after using the cloths.  That was the first warning sign...  

After discovering BeautyCounter and Gregg's (BeautyCounters founder) passion to get rid of chemicals and nastiness in the stuff we put on our skin, which clearly played a large portion in my face turning bright red like Rudolphs nose when using the wipes, I've been paying more attention to what I've been using.  

Why they make the No List

The first issue with makeup remover wipes is that many of them have toxic chemicals that are related to cancer and infertility - check out BeautyCounter's A-Z Glossary of ingredients that can be found in skincare (the good and the ugly).

Another huge issue with Makeup Remover wipes is that when you wipe your face with them, you are basically wiping your face with soap - and leaving the soap to sit on your skin, all night long.  Yuck.  It dries out your skin and causes acne.


Make sure to make a trip to the sink before floating into dream land.  I recommend using Tata Harpers Nourishing Oil Cleanser to remove your makeup because if the real ingredients and lack of toxins/chemicals.  If you must use wipes because of their convenience, be sure to rinse your face with water afterwards!  

Have you taken advantage of makeup wipes?  Will you be giving them up?  

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