Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Let's talk…Thigh High Hold Ups (Stockings)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Let's talk…Thigh High Hold Ups (Stockings)

I have always been fascinated by things that are slightly more "pretty" than average, the things that make you gasp a little bit out of surprise that something could be created so unexpectedly beautiful.  Why should something be normal if it can be taken to the next level?  While I have always loved the idea of thigh high stockings, I recently became addicted to them and feel that you probably will as well!

The 5 Reasons Why I've Fallen in love with Thigh High's 

1)  They are logical
It is September.  Today was the first day back to school and I was already wearing my autumn jacket and a sweater, 65 degrees and getting much more crisp within the next couple of weeks.  I'm not complaining though because my legs will be staying warm under my skirts and dresses thank to my thigh highs - and no one will notice my summer tan (or lack of), slipping away.

2)  Comfort
Oh my goodness.  The nightmare of being in public with a pair of nylons or tights on, as they are slowly slipping down your legs  and hips because your slightly too tall for them, or they are a little too big in the waist, or the length of the weird underwear portion just isn't working for your body.  It's definitely one of the worst situations to be in, and luckily with Thigh High's, this is something you never have to think about!

3) No one has to know
If you purchase the actual "Hold Up" stockings, they will be high enough on your thighs that unless you skirt is really really really short, no one will know you aren't wearing nylons, unless you want them too… shhhh!  But in all reality, worn both ways can be beautiful if done right!

4) No Complicated Accessories Necessary
Most hold up stockings have rubber grippy's on them that keep them put on your thighs and ensure they won't sleep down!  I've had LESS issues with my thigh highs slipping down than actual nylons/tights.  Yes the sales lady at Victoria's Secret will try to convince you that a garter belt is necessary to hold them up, and no, you don't have to believe her!

5) They are ohhh so much prettier!
Going back to my original love for thigh highs, they are just so much prettier than your typical nylons/tights.  Lacey or sheer on top and simple on the bottom, there is something so classic about them that is hard to resist! Plus - Blair Waldorf, must I say more?

My favorite Hold Up/Thigh Highs 

I absolutely love the Victoria Secret Hold Ups.  Yes, they're pictures are a little bit crazy scandalous - but in real life...they don't have to be!  They stay up impeccably well and are extremely comfortable, not scratchy at all.  They are true to size.  I do have to be careful about getting runs in them, as with any nylons - wearing a par of cozy socks over them while I'm at home help boatloads.  

Now I need to know!  Do you wear Thigh High Stockings/Hold Ups??  If so, what is your favorite brand?  Would you try any of these?  Let me know in the comments! 

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