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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Something for this Summers Music Festivals

I mean - how many people don't go to music festivals with at least one piece of Urban Outfitters clothing?  Not many.  How about breaking the trend and being truly "hip" by wearing some For Love & Lemons pieces?  I mean they are killing it with...well, all of their clothing lines ever.

Also by the way.  Urban Outfitters sells some of their pieces.  Which brings me to my conclusion that you shouldn't care if "everyones" wearing Urban Outfitters or Free People or whatever it is they are wearing - just wear it if you like it.  It seems a little ridiculous to go out of your way for something no one cares about/will ever even realize.  Buy Urban Outfitters.  Buy For Love & Lemons.  Buy whatever you want to buy.  But right now I really am loving Love & Lemons spring line.

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