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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Life: VW On the Loose

Today something a little strange happened in Tucson Arizona.

My brother and i were just driving our way down the road - listening to some Caged Elephants all nonchalantly.  My brother was navigating the roads like a the hyper-cautious champion of a driver he is, while I was zoning out into the extreme "cool" vibe that was filling the car at that moment - when a little black VW bug started backing up down a used car lots driveway.

The driveway was a little bit steep - yes, but it didn't seem like it would be that challenging for the car.

Even so - the car caught my brother and mines attention.  How slanted and strangely it was backing out of the driveway seemed a little out of the ordinary.

We passed it - only millisecond's later, did it roll right on into the street! Straight in front of the white truck driving directly behind us.

My brother interrupts Caged Elephant's soulful voice coming out of our speakers and breaks me out of my trance by exclaiming "there's no driver in that car!"

The little VW black bug rolled right down into the busy Tucson street, without a driver or passenger for that matter, missing us and the car behind us by inches.

What a funny little story to store in our heads to maybe tell our kids or random strangers that we meat on the plane or in the grocery store - who really don't care, someday.  It caused quite a laugh - how does that even happen?  Who leaves their car on neutral on a hill?  Theories?  Do share!

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