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Monday, December 28, 2009

For a Squeaky Clean Feel!


My brother and my Mom both have an electronic toothbrush...I have wanted one for a while now but they can be oh so pricey! However, I found out about Spinbrush, and got in contact with them, and they offered to send me a toothbrush for myself as well as a child toothbrush!

As soon as I got my toothbrush in the mail, I tried it out! It felt massaging and like it was really doing the work. Unlike my regular ole toothbrush. It even felt like I was less likely to hit my gums, which I have problems with for my regular toothbrush. I really like my Spinbrush and am glad that I got the chance to review it!

I thought that the brush size was nice, however, I did feel like the toothbrush part that you hold on to was a bit bulky, this seems to be true for the kids toothbrush as well. Another nice thing about the Spinbrush is that it is cheaper than a lot of electronic toothbrushes. It sells for less than $20, where as others sell for $50+! Its true that it dosen't have all of the features like other ones, but if you don't want to make a big investment on a toothbrush, but still want to take better care of your teeth, then the Spinbrush would be great.

I did receive two toothbrushes to review, however, that did not affect my opinion in any way

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