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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Unorganized Lady: An HP Mini Story

The Unorganized Lady: An HP Mini Story

Once, a long long time ago, there was a young girl. Her name was Lena. She wasn't your average young girl however, she was an observer, she would see things that others overlooked. One of the many things unique about this little girl was that she wasn't afraid to point out what she saw.

This same time, there was a lady, blond hair, blue eyes, not a hair out of place, to others she looked put together, but really, inside, she was frazzled. She didn't know how to manage her time, she had a blog to keep up, products to review, a horse to train, a job to work, events to plan, family to please, and oh so much more! She liked to take pictures, but ran out of room to store them! She thought up blog posts, but had no where to keep them! She had ideas swirling around in her head, so many ideas, but by the time she finished creating one, she had forgotten the others! This lady, she was very unorganized indeed, but she had no idea of what to do to reel in her thoughts, ideas, and plans. She new that if she could figure it all out, she would have a much more simplified life and much more time to do the things she loves.

This lady started plotting, but nothing came to mind, she spent hours walking in the park looking at the nature, just hoping to come up with a good way to get organized! Oh how she wished she could! The problem was, more ideas kept spilling into her mind, but none of them had to do with simplifying her life! After a while, she sat down for a rest, and the little girl, Lena, peaked from behind a weeping willow at the lady and instantly she knew what was troubling this lady, she rushed up, sat beside her and said, "You're confused!" The lady looked at her wondering who this girl was, and how she knew exactly what was wrong. "I know! You need a way to simplify your life, and become more organized, don't you?" The lady nodded, even more mystified. Lena continued, "You know what you need? An HP Mini! It is completely portable, weighs only 2.35 pounds, and you can store your pictures, your writings, your ideas, and more on it! You will have time to do so much, and you will be so much more organized! Plus, it is earth friendly. In fact, the entire packaging is made from recycled materials!" The lady jumped up! "Thank you little girl! That is the perfect solution! The one that I have been looking for! Oh thank you!"

The Lady, Reyna, writer of Out of the Notebook and Into the Blog, figured out, thanks to Lena, that all she needed to simplify her life and become more organized, was an HP Mini.

{The End}

That is my story (I am the lady in the story), and I am entering on Mom Bloggers Club to win an HP Mini! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

And guess what? You get a chance to enter as well! All you have to do is comment below and winners will be randomly chosen out of all of the winners!

Disclosure: I am entering this post in a contest to win a HP Mini. All opinions expressed are my own.

HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje - right rear facing by HP_PC.


  1. I had no idea the whole package was recyclable, that's neat! I also really like your unique header - that's a great shot! I'd frame it and hang it on my wall if I were you, it's a real conversation starter :D
    I'm a new follower from Coupon Mommy.

  2. A mini would definitely simplify my life because I wouldn’t have to lug around that big heavy laptop anymore!! And it would fit inside my handbag instead of being so conspicuous in a carry around laptop bag. And besides, you don’t always want to carry your laptop with you but leaving it in the car is a direct invitation to thieves to break in and steal it. Being able to carry it in my purse is a major advantage! Great giveaway!

  3. Good Luck to you! I blogged & entered, too!
    This HP 100 Mini netbook would be a blessing to our family, as we only have one old desktop to share amongst our family of 7. We rely heavily on spreadsheets, lists,email and schedules, etc. to streamline our day to day activities, and the portability of the HP 100 mini would make it so effortless and stylish. Plus, mobile computing would be perfect to pass the time--when time seemingly stands still--like when waiting in a doctor's office!

    Good Luck!

  4. Cute story! I love it. I have an HP Mini and it is amazing. I love the little guy.

    LOVE my MINI! Hope you win one =)

  5. good luck to you and me,
    i would love to win one

  6. That is really cool! I would love to have one of those!


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