Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Drinks made Dazzling

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drinks made Dazzling

I love the idea of adding that perfect "something" to a drink to make it have that unique touch that you won't see at other events/parties/places. I also think that they are becoming more popular. They just really add that little something to a meal!

Yup. FACSY ideas are swarming in my head again as I'm typing.

Vintage Inspired Straws. Oh how I love thee. I've been drooling over these straws for months, but I just came across Shop Sweet Lulu and found this set, 60 straws in different colors, for $12! The best deal for these that I've come across so far. And, you don't have to choose which color to buy. I love the pink and white stripes and the teal with green stripes!

Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 1.04.15 PM
Martha Stewart Wedding

Yes, Yes, Yes! In every way!

I love the little flags!

Intimate Weddings

Perfect for the kids!

Which is your favorite? All of these pictures are really making me want to grab a cup of lemonade...


  1. GET THE STRAWS! i've used them for several showers recently, and they're so adorable in person. you'll love them!

  2. The lemonade jars are so cute and I love the sparkly, gold ones too! Such great ideas to spruce up a drink.


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