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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My favorite Shoes

Image source unknown

I have to say, I never used to give much thought to my shoes. They weren't my favorite things to shop for, I liked cute shoes, but was never excited about them. That changed this year....I discovered some pretty amazing shoes, starting with my glitter oxfords....

Gold glitter oxfords. Spotted right before Christmas in the Urban Outfitters catalog last Winter. Right away, I loved them, and was excited to find them wrapped up beautifully under the tree! These lovelies have served me well and go with so many things and are very comfy! Love, love, love!

I LOVE Oxfords. They are the most comfortable, stylish, wearables shoes, ever! This pair from BP by Nordstroms are definitely one of my favorites! I wear them so much (except when it's raining) and they are so comfortable! And they come with two different color ribbons. And there are different colors. Perfection!

A pair of cheap ballet shoes from Payless do no harm and satisfy my longing to be a ballerina - plus they are awfully cute with a lot of outfits!

I actually was sent these Puma Sneakerina's to let you guys know about them, oh man, they are amazing! I loved Puma before, but after having these for a few months and wearing them like crazy, I think I might be Pumas biggest fan. They are the most comfortable brand of shoes that I have ever worn. And I'm always getting compliments on them!

Source Unknown, however they are Joules Wellies, I am not sure where to find this color however.

And on my wishlist......! Next Christmas maybe? What are your favorite shoes?


  1. My daughter loves Pumas too. She likes shox too but I think Pumas seem to fit her feet well. Oh and by the way, I like all the shoes but those ballet slippers look awfully flat and under-padded for real walking. Be careful in those for extended periods of time. W.C.C.

  2. love these wellies!!! i hope you can find them and then fill us in. the bow makes them irresistible!

  3. I love your brown Oxford! :) What's the other color of the ribbon? The blue looks good with the brown classic shoes. I'm also starting to become a shoe fanatic, and I want to collect as many shoes as I can. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to try to look for shoes like the one in the second picture. :D


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