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Sunday, July 31, 2011



You might remember all my planning for FACSY (Family and Consumer Sciences), well, it happened and I'm just sharing the images with you now!

We didn't have a huge amount of people signing up, 20 youth that signed up for classes and we had 7 Ambassadors helping/teaching classes and three adults. However, for being a very new event, it was a perfect amount, especially since we had a wonderful location to host it at for no charge, and it wouldn't have fit more than 40 people. Next year, our attendance will be higher ;)

I set up a little photobooth and it was chock full of amazing props! I made some mustaches and glasses and attached them to dowels for props, and Danny brought lots of crazy hats and hula necklaces. The photo booth was the first "activity" of the event. For the backdrop, I used curtains from my bedroom - you should have seen all the duct tape we had to use to keep them on the wall!


Piggy Paint and Vintage Rose Wraps sponsored the fashion revue class and they were both a huge hit! Each of the kids received a thing of piggy paint and a vintage rose wrap headband. They also learned how to make their own scarf based of this tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff!

(And you gotta love that crazy wall painting job!)

Before hand, I made bunches of these fabric flowers and each girl got two flowers to put on their scarves!

And to explain the berry picture, I also taught a photography class and this is one of the younger kids photo that he took. I love how it turned out! He did such a great job!


And now it's almost time to begin planning for next year! Any suggestions or class ideas?

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  1. Oh, how cute! Looks like all of the kids were having so much fun! xo


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