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Monday, January 27, 2014

This Week I'm in Love With....

Starting this week of good, reading my favorite book - "Mastery" by Robert Green - which is full of SO much information for living an extremely successful life that I literally want to start reading it all over again the second I finish it.

Links I'm in Love with this Week:

7 Must Read Blogs for Career and Life Inspiration

How to Contour and Highlight (I love structured cheeks and this is by far the prettiest tutorial I've seen on this so far!)

A Ballerina Dancing at 39 Weeks Pregnant (So pretty!)

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I've been adoring this butterfly dress hanging in my closet all week - I must find a reason to wear it soon.  And the whale picture?  It just makes me smile every-time I wake up in the morning, it's amazing what a $12 picture frame and a pretty greeting card can do! :)

Links I'm in Love with:

The 15 Most Exciting YA books coming out in 2014 (because ya books are my weakness)

A story about about a lady that trains bunnies for agility.  If you like bunnies - this is for you.

This playlist by The Skinny Confidential has literally been playing non stop in my room all week.  It's AMAZING. 

Winnie the Pooh is always inspiring (and a quiz to find out which character you are - I'm Tigger ;))

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This little girl dress is the sweetest!  Found it in this Etsy shop....can't. handle. the. cuteness. - makes me wish I had a little girl ;) Plus it comes with that absolutely adorable headband.  Omg.

I drew this little picture of a ballerina girl the other day - thought it turned out precious.  I wish I drew her standing more upright - but ya know - what happens happens.  

Links I'm in Love with:

Student of the Month Scholarship - For any age and good if your in college, in highschool, or a transfer student!  My kind of scholarship.

This Pretty Mini Clip on a Ballerina Dancing on the street

Photos taken using refrigerator lighting

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Tell me a secret, I promise I won't tell - What are you in love with this week?

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