Out of the Notebook and into the blog: The #1 Best Reason Why your Butt Should Have Bruises

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The #1 Best Reason Why your Butt Should Have Bruises

First off - this is the first time I've used butt in a title!  *Cheers*

It's for a great reason though - I've been thinking a lot about butts lately.  In particular - the bruises on them.

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I am IN LOVE with Sochi 2014!

I am mostly just really in LOVE with the way they fall.

Have you noticed?  The beautiful figure skaters in their stunning costumes - they've worked and worked and worked, they've spent countless hours falling in love with ice skating - falling in love with what they are doing - developing technical skills and grace, and then...

...they fall.

...They fall in front of millions of watchers.

And they GET UP and they KEEP GOING.

Why?  Because these people - these figure skaters, snow boards, skiers, etc. are in love with what they are doing.

And even more than that - they know that falling is the only way they can get better.

If these professional athletes train for countless of hours and they fall at the Olympics - can you imagine how many times they must fall in their training?  The bruises!

You must learn to not be afraid of falling to move forward in what you love.

If it's good, it's not going to be easy.

Your going to fall.

It's going to hurt.

but in the end - all those falls? ...

You'll be thanking yourself for the bruises as you stand on the podium with a gold medal around your neck.

Tell me - what are you SO IN LOVE WITH that your not going to be afraid of falling so that you can succeed?  Leave a comment - I love being inspired by you!

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