Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Arizona Pro Bike Race Photo's - Weekend Love and Setting your Soul on Fire

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Arizona Pro Bike Race Photo's - Weekend Love and Setting your Soul on Fire

So I debated writing a blog post with a DIY on fixing dropped arches today.  

But then I decided that feet just weren't cozy and cheery enough for a Saturday.  And I'm all about having cheery, cozy, happy, Saturdays.

Last night I couldn't fall asleep, my mind was wide awake thinking of photo-shoot ideas, and getting all anxious wondering if I would ever be able to come up with another interesting blog post.  Yup, scary late night stuff.  So I started the day out tired, but it got better because...

...My mom and I went to watch my Uncle compete in a biking race today.  The power and passion that the men and ladies had while biking is truly amazing and falls in line with this quote:

"The Most Powerful Force on Human Earth is the Human Soul Set on Fire"

Isn't it amazing what we can accomplish and do when we are in love with what we do?    

More Passion, more creativity, and being amazing at what you love comes from Pursuing what you are in love with.

And who doesn't want that?

For these men and ladies, they are able to bike at speeds faster and longer than most of us can even imagine doing.  

Why?  The answer isn't because they were born good at biking or extremely fit.  Yup, there goes your excuse for not doing it!  

It's because they are passionate about biking and they pursue this passion - by pursuing it, they become more excited and more passionate, creating a bigger and bigger fire, which gives them the inspiration to keep going.  

And then they do amazing things.  

Tell me, What Sets your Soul on Fire?

All photos taken by Reyna Meinhardt 

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