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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The best thing my dad that inspired my Brother and I to SELL

Hey!  Goodmorning lovelies!!  So today I sold an old western saddle that my dad bought me at an auction 3 years ago (I only ride English!) and paid $150 for it, along with about 10 other horsey products.  Today I sold JUST the saddle for $200, three days after listing it.  I am so excited to tell you about the super simple thing that my dad did with my brother and I when we were younger to teach us the importance of SELLING and piqued our interest in making money!  

I was probably right around 13, and my little brother 12, when my dad came into the house with a box full of the craziest, weirdest things.  Huge walkie talkies, a green coin purse, vintage looking books, and other "stuff" that looked like they had potential.  My dad hands us the big box, and says "if you guys list it on Ebay, you can have all the money you make from it."  

There are so many elements that made this opportunity work to create an interest for us.  It gave us an opportunity to do something to make our own money, which elicits feel good feelings, it gave us the opportunity to use our brains on how to navigate Ebay, list something in the best way possible, and choose words that buyers are attracted to.  It also taught us to do research to find the value of products.  

My brother and I set to work, I took photos upon photos of things in a white tent to create a "stock image esque" (or so I thought) photo, my brother researched prices, and then we worked together to list everything.  

Simply by handing us a box of junk and telling us to sell it, my dad gave us the opportunity to develop an interest in selling, which is a tool that is important for entrepreneurs.  Teaching kids how to sell and make money does NOT have to be hard or boring for you or them, get creative and lets them do it hands on!  

I don't remember if we actually successfully sold anything on Ebay, but I do know that my brother, now 18, has a largely successful Ebay business, profiting around $48,000 a year!  

What started your interest in selling?  Let me know in the comments! 

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